Andrea Cadorin is a Berlin based Italian graphic designer and art director. He studied at Berlin’s Universität der Künste and earned a degree in Visual Communication at the Politecnico di Milano.

Over the course of the past years he has been living and working in London, Milan and Berlin.

His design and work approach is a holistic one. Well aware of the interdependency and importance of each element in today’s cutting-edge visual culture, he will always focus on the big picture, i.e. distilling the essence of your content before dismantling, re-shaping and re-structuring it for a major impact, instead of making minor corrections with little or no improvements. Nonetheless he has a real penchant for typography. (Text by Ole Wagner)


Archiv der Jugendkulturen Verlag, AGI – Alliance Graphique Internationale, Agnes Obel / PIAS Recordings, Axel Springer, Bikini Berlin, Design Hotels™, Gestalten, dan pearlman, Mamapapacola, RCKT, Lufthansa, Mercedes, Deutsche Bahn, Impossible Project, 2-Raum Wohnung / Universal Music, NENA / Laugh and Peas, o2 Germany, hub:raum, Mister Spex, Developer Garden, Commandante Berlin, MTV Italy, Red Bull, Dataism, Moto Waganari, Samsonite, Survey Monkey, Moniteurs, Rocco Iannone, Telekom, Ergo, Heinz Waibl / Studio Signo, AMH-Ashley Marc Hovelle, Zaosa.


Andrea Cadorin
Art Direction
& Graphic Design

Manteuffelstrasse 60b
10999 Berlin

+49 176 7095 9138


Logo Design

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